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12 Week Program
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12 Week Bike Fit Training Program

Courtesy of Mark Connelley - Bike Fit Tasmania - Conditioning Coach / 0408 134214

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This is a 12 week training program designed for a wide range of road cyclists, mountain bikers etc. This program can be used just as it is. Read the instructions, adjust to suit you fitness and start.

Even better: There are great options for customization. Thus, you can plan your workouts based on your own test results with your heart rate monitor or power meter. If you need advice on how to customize your training program, feel free to contact Mark Connelley - 0408 134 214.

This training program is a guide and will prepare you for road cycling or Mountain Bike riding with an average training amount of 6~12hours / week.

Interval sessions are based on your own indoor training programs. Interval training can be done on a home trainer, spinning bike, road bike, track bike or even mountain bike. Use the gym for core strength work and general conditioning.

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Remember it is consistency that makes you a stronger rider, not just one hard week of cycling, small adjustments over time will help you to become a better cyclist.

Frequency, Intensity and Duration
These are the main three ways to change the total work load in a training week. E.g.1) if you train more frequently, 2) ride with a higher intensity (more racing, more intervals) and 3) simply just ride more, you will force your body to adapt to these challenges.

This way you can reach a higher level of fitness, but your body will not allow you to increase the total workload too fast.

Nutrition Information

Courtesy of Kristen Legrand - EFM Launceston


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